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Suitable for web surfing and email along with video or audio streaming, our DSL LiteBond 12 Unlimited Internet service has NO monthly data usage limit!

Please qualify your address to confirm availability and pricing

  • $99 one time installation fee
  • Single static IP included
  • FREE shipping for preconfigured modem
  • UNLIMITED data usage
Please note that this service requires 2 separate phone jacks in order to connect both 6 Mbps lines being bonded. As dry loop installation on 6 Mbps service does not cover indoor wiring, additional phone jacks and/or wiring connections to the outdoor grey telephone demarcation point may have to be installed before the service can be fully used. If the customer is unable to perform this work themselves, they will have to hire a local third party contractor in order to perform the work.  

Up to 12 Mbps DL speed
Up to 1.6 Mbps UL speed

Qualify Qualify

Additional details

$15.00 one time dry loop activation fee per dry loop if you don't subscribe to an analog landline phone service.

Monthly dry loop fee for each dry loop based on your location's band rate:
  • Band A: $5.75 per dry loop
  • Band B: $7.60 per dry loop
  • Band C: $8.72 per dry loop
  • Band D: $9.48 per dry loop
  • Band E: $14.41 per dry loop
  • Band F: $14.70 per dry loop

    Preconfigured equipment for plug & play installation:
  • Purchase of 2 ADSL2+ modems: $99.99 one time cost
  • Rental of 2 ADSL2+ modems: $8.00 / month
  • Purchase of MLPPP router with built-in wireless: $99.99 one time cost
  • Rental of MLPPP router with built-in wireless: $8.00 / month
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